Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anglo-Saxon Kings

I have a certain fascination with the Anglo-Saxon era of English history. It's just so barbaric. It may be a horribly inflammatory thing to say, but the Normans really did bring civilisation to England. However, one thing that the Normans did, sadly, do away with was a history of decidedly awesome given names. All the Roberts and Charleses that follow 1066 are just boring compared to some of these, in this comprehensive list of awesomeness:

Kings of East Anglia: Wehha, Eorpwald, Ecgric, Æthelhere, Hun, Beornwulf, Guthrum the Old.

Kings of Essex: Sledda, Sexred, Sebbi, Sigeheard.

Kings of Kent: Hengest, Æðelberht I, Eorcenberht, Hlothhere, Mul, Oswine, Eardwulf, Cœnwulf.

Kings of Mercia: Pybba, Penda, Ecgfrith, Wiglaf, Wigstan, Ælfflæd.

Kings of Northumberland: Eoppa, Glappa, Frithuwald, Hussa, Æthelwald Moll, Osberht, Guðroðr, Sigtrygg Caech (those last two were Norse, but awesome).

Kings of Sussex: Berhthun, Watt, Bryni.

Kings of Wessex: Cynric, Cynegils, Seaxburh, Æscwine, Ine, Cynewulf.

Kings of England: Eadred, Eadwig, Æthelred the Unready, Edmund Ironside.

Briefly, before the Norman conquest, there was a brief period of Danish rule - four Danish kings of England. As their nomenclatural awesomeness ratio is 100%, it's worth listing them in full: Sweyn Forkbeard, Canute, Harold Harefoot, Harthacanute.

If your name is 'Forkbeard', you are awesomeness in the flesh.
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