Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Urban Shocker"

The Wikipedia page doesn't have much to say, really. He was a baseball player. He threw a spitball (terminology ridiculous enough to warrant its own page here). He played with the Yankees. He died from pneumonia. He was, as the picture reproduced above shows, a decidedly handsome man. The Wikipedia page has nothing to say about just how awesome his name is.

I've already spoken about the adjective-noun name 'Inky Mark', which is pretty awesome. But as adjective-noun names go, this one rocks its socks. It could be a genre of horror film. It could be the name of a horror film. Or a report on city crime or some other thing. Alternately, it could be a decidedly metropolitan version of a classic sexual hand position.

Wikipedia does report something even more awesome: Mr Shocker's birth name was actually Urbain Shockor, which is also cool, and I hope is pronounced with a French (i.e. Pepe le Pew) syllable stress. That would make my day.
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