Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Honkin' on Bobo"

Aerosmith, not my favourite band. I mean, they've done a few good songs, but it seems like they've never overcome their status as discount-Rolling-Stones. Or, of course, their status as should-have-retired-long-ago (but I repeat myself).

Doesn't matter what I think of them, really. Sooner or later, as all rock bands do, they get the idea to release a 'blues album'. These inevitably consist of covers of classic blues songs (or, alternately, covers of Led Zeppelin covers of classic blues songs). Aerosmith went ahead and did theirs in 2004, long after most people had stopped paying attention to them.

Whatever. I've never heard the album, so I have no idea whether or not it's any good. But my prejudices definitely turn against the possibility of it being good, seeing as it has such a god-awful name (not a fair assumption, I concede). Wikipedia tells me that 'honkin' on bobo' refers to oral sex. This tidbit of info takes a truly terrible album name and lend to it entirely new vistas of horrible.

I... er... I'm trying to start a new paragraph, but I keep shuddering at the thought of just how truly horrible it would be to ever, ever attempt to use the phrase 'honkin' on bobo' to refer to oral sex. Like, perhaps as a bit of bedroom talk: “Hey, baby, would you mind honkin' on bobo a little bit?” Gah. Steven Tyler, you've ruined my innocence. And my appetite.
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