Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Punky Brewster"

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What I can tell you about "Punky Brewster": er... nothing.

It was a TV show. It was the main character in said TV show. It was on TV in the late eighties or early nineties and features a plucky young teen, or perhaps pre-teen. I should have been eating it up: I was of more or less the correct age. But for some reason, either I never saw it or I've subsequently wiped from my memory any record of having seen it.

But nomenclaturally, this is gold. This is more than gold. It's, like titanium.

I genuinely love the name 'Punky'. I have to assume that it's a nickname for the character, that her parents didn't say, "What a beautiful little girl; let's name her 'Punky'". I would guess that within the world of the TV show perhaps it's a nickname that indicates her character or personality. Shrug. But it rhymes with 'monkey', and is a-ok in my book.

In any case, it's trumped by the coolness of the name of the actor who played the role. As far as i know, it really is her real birth name: Soleil Moon Frye. I must admit that I don't know if that's "Frye, Soleil Moon" or "Moon Frye, Soleil", but I presume it's the former, and that Mr and Mrs Frye actually did name their daughter after two different heavenly bodies: day and night, French and English. Sounds nicer than "Sun Lune Frye".

Seriously, Soleil is a very pretty words and thus a very pretty name. "Moon" I'm not so keen on. But it worked for Frank Zappa, and I'm sure Moon Unit Zappa was pleased as punch when "Punky Brewster" came on TV to learn she wasn't the only moon in the night sky.
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