Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Brown Booby"

Brown Booby, the commonest of the boobies alon...Image via WikipediaOnce you're down in the gutter, it's tough to get yourself back out... so after last week's math whiz, we've got a bird this time. I think that most people are aware that there are a handful (huh huh... handful) of birds out there with rather silly names. And when it comes to this particular genus, really all 'boobies' are equally silly. Knowing there's a group of birds called the 'booby' ought to have been enough. I mean, in addition to breasts, there's just so much silly about the word 'booby' (not to imply that breasts are silly, mind you) - and that includes booby-traps and booby-prizes. The other boobies in this genus are also impressive. i suppose I could have devoted a page to Abbott's Booby or the Masked Booby. Or I could have just pointed you to the totally awesome "Category: Boobies" page at Wikipedia. But perhaps it's the alliteration. Perhaps it's the Vincent Gallo movie. I just know that "Brown Booby" makes me giggle more than any of those other names. And that's impressive.
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