Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Humpty Doo, Northern Territory"

Australian place names are notorious for their silliness - which, in fact, is possibly offensive. I suppose I should say that Aboriginal place names, or Anglicisations of Aboriginal place names, often have a kind of sing-song quality to the English-speaking ear that makes them seem comical. There are plenty of examples more famous than this one, like Wagga Wagga or Woolloomooloo, but I stumbled upon this quite by accident (while trying to figure out why Humpty Dumpty is depicted as an egg when the nursery rhyme says nothing of the sort). It has just a great sounding name to it, and I think some cartoon character ought to use it (with the meaning of 'oh my!' or 'yay!') as a catch phrase. You never know - it might catch on.
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