Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Ed Balls"

Ed Balls, secretary of state for children, schools and families and candidate in the ongoing UK general election for the Labour party in the new constituency of Morley and Outwood, has a cool name.

To look at the less interesting half of this story: politics, politics, yay politics. There's an election in the UK and it features this guy, a life-long Labour type who's been Gordon Brown's right hand man for almost as long as Gordon Brown has had a right hand. All that's good and current-events-y.

But let's talk about this man's name. It's not just that his surname means 'testicles', though that's impressive enough. 'Ball' itself is a not-unheard-of surname (viz. Hugo, for example), but that 's' is just all the more impressive. His father, naturally enough, was a Balls too - but still 'Michael Balls' just isn't as impressive as Ed's name. That's a hell of a name.
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