Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Pigbutt worm" a/k/a "flying buttocks"

Have you ever heard of a 'flying buttress'? It's something to do with architecture, something to do with support. Blah blah blah, boring boring boring. Anyway, it's got a cool name. I was looking it up on Wikipedia, as I'm prone to doing, thinking I might add it here. But since Wikipedia has auto-complete, like Google does, this way-cooler alternate came up instead: 'flying buttocks'.

Whatever 'flying buttocks' could possibly be, how could it be anything but awesome? Well, on the one hand it's a worm. A newly discovered one, as it turns out, that lives under the sea, with Ariel and Sebastian. More to the point, and I quote, "the worms have... been observed floating with their mouths surrounded by a cloud of mucus." Charming, eh? Gotta love those worms.

Anyway, Wikipedia ramps up the awesome by saying it resembles a pair of disembodied buttocks. Thus the name - and even better, said buttocks are apparently porcine in nature, leading to the coining of the Latin name 'Chaetopterus pugaporcinus' and the English alias 'pigbutt worm'.

No words can describe how awesome a name 'pigbutt worm' is. It makes up for the unawesomeness of it being an underwater worm.

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