Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Bapsybanoo Pavry"

And here we are back at Wikipedia, a site I use so often that I think search engines are starting to think it's the subject of this blog. But where else, I ask you, will you find out about people like Bapsybanoo Pavry?

The article in particular is written with that entire lack of an encyclopedic style that you come across when reading rarely-read articles on the famed on-line encyclopedia. In prose becoming of People Magazine, the article talks about how this particular lady was born in Bombay to a Parsi priest, before marrying a 90-year-old British marquess ('marquess' is British English for the heraldric title that I've always known as 'marquis', for example the famed nobleman Marquis Mark of the Funkybunch) and living a life oddly devoid of healty sexual relations.

The rest of the article prattles on about stuff that doesn't matter really much, before crapping out spectacularly with the final sentence, 'few details are known about her life'.

Why thank you, my dear Wikipedia. Unsurprisingly, they're no good for a picture, and I snag the above picture from, where she's described by her grand-poobah title 'Marchioness of Winchester'. But the name her mam gave her is way more impressive.
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